Tone Depth

Tone Depth has been redefining his sound and putting the melody back into his music.

Now, fluidity and simplicity reign. With Tone Depth’s focus on music at an all-time high, there is a newfound desire to innovate with the raw, live-recorded elements that are the keystone to a sweeping new sound.

This progression means less polish and more soul. Less deconstruction and more organic growth. 
“I want my music to invade your mind and provide a journey where you can travel the globe with your ears open and eyes closed. Music has the unique ability to suspend belief, and my goal is to paint a scene with sound.”

On that matter: “Techno needs to be taken somewhere by surprise. Certain sounds mark what we perceive as techno, but they’ve been used a million times. I’m looking forward to more air and ambience. To get back into the textures and the live instruments that can give it so much depth. More music with vocalists. Music that juxtaposes genres and will last the test of time.”

Electronic Groove

Tone Depth: “I think the sound that Afterlife has been representing is something quite unique and stands out”

When We Dip

“Canadian producer Tone Depth has gone from strength to strength in recent times. The Montreal powerhouse, founder of Fauna & Flora and a leading light at HOSH’s fryhide imprint, is fresh from debuting a new track on Tale Of Us’ burgeoning imprint Afterlife.”

Deep House Amsterdam

“Continuing to impress with its steady flow of release, HOSH’s fryhide label now brings the third edition of its new monthly radio show – Radio fryhide – this one coming courtesy of Tone Depth.”

Decoded Magazine

“Tony will be one of the biggest artists in the next two years. There just is no other way. I was with him in studio and after that I am even more sure. He has his own signature and great skills. Skills like Stimming for example.”

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